A Message To Our Supporters

 Due to the ineffectiveness of the Regulation A+ process, the Royalty Flow Regulation A+ IPO has been cancelled. All investors who subscribed to the offering to date will have their investment returned to them in full. 

We are not taking this step out of a lack of interest in our offering. In fact, Royalty Flow received financial commitments that exceeded our minimum capital goals. Rather, we were forced to take this step after NASDAQ rescinded its previous conditional approval to list on its exchange two days before the IPO was to close. This was largely driven by a backlash against other Reg. A+ companies rather than a reflection on Royalty Flow’s fundamentals.

Many investors subscribing to Royalty Flow did so on the expectation of a NASDAQ listing. Lacking that option, they understandably withdrew their commitment. Rather than seek further investment under a Regulation A+ model that investors and regulators lack faith in, we will explore alternative investment vehicles to meet investor demand.

Royalty Flow parent company Royalty Exchange previously exercised the option to acquire the FBT/Eminem catalog through internal funding. Investor interest in this catalog and music royalties in general remains strong. We look forward to offering a new path to directly participate in the music industry’s booming growth in the near future. 

Read Executive Chairman Matt Smith's essay on Medium for more information